first_imgWASHINGTON | Don’t expect to see them too soon, but they could be coming to your local grocery store — two types of apples genetically modified to resist turning brown after they’re bruised or sliced.The development could boost sales of apples for snacks, salads and other uses.Arctic Golden and Arctic Granny Smith are being developed by a Canadian company, Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. of Summerland, British Columbia.The Agriculture Department gave its OK on Friday — saying the apples aren’t likely to pose a plant pest risk and or have “a significant impact on the human environment.”The first Arctic apples are expected to be available in late 2016 in small, test-market quantities.It takes apple trees several years to produce significant quantities, so it will take time before the genetically-modified apples are widely distributed.“We can’t wait until they’re available for consumers,” said the company’s president and founder, Neal Carter.Apples brown quickly after they are cut open and exposed to air. The browning-resistant varieties are considered especially desirable for use as pre-sliced apples, in fruit salad and salad bars, and in the manufacturing of juice.The company said it is working on developing other browning-resistant apple varieties as well.The nonprofit Center for Food Safety questioned whether browning-resistance will mask apples that no longer are fresh. The Environmental Working Group said the government’s decision to allow marketing of the apples shows the need for mandatory, clear-labeling of genetically modified foods.The Food and Drug Administration is not required to approve genetically engineered crops for consumption, but most companies will go through a voluntary safety review process with the FDA before they put them on the market.In November, the department also approved commercial planting of a bruising-resistant potato.last_img read more

first_imgAmericans whose gardens have been toasted by prolonged drought might consider a landscaping concept from Africa. It’s called keyhole gardening, and some believe it’s the ultimate in raised-bed design — a sustainable combination of composting and planting.Keyhole gardens are small — typically no more than 3 feet high and 6 feet in diameter — and look like keyhole assemblies in doors when viewed from above. From the side, they can resemble a tall earthen pie with a giant slice taken out.They don’t need fertilizer, use 80 percent less water than the normal backyard patch, tolerate hot climates and are easier to tend because they’re at waist level. No bending or kneeling required.Keyhole gardening was pioneered in Africa and became popular there again recently through initiatives by humanitarian aid groups.A keyhole garden’s primary asset is drought tolerance, although it also works in temperate climates, said Eddie DeJong, co-founder and head of business development and design for Vita Gardens in Sarnia, Ontario. The company makes keyhole garden kits.The gardens get their nourishment from compost and water poured down an open-ended tube in the middle of the garden bed.“The central composting basket is the key to making this an effective gardening solution,” he said.“After the garden has been established, it should be watered primarily through the compost basket and less and less around the bed itself,” DeJong said. “This trains the vegetables to grow deep roots down to where the moisture and the nutrients are.“Furthermore, if the garden is layered as intended, local yard waste like grass clippings, palm fronds and other materials are converted into rich soil, making the entire bed a composting nutrient factory.”Keyhole gardens are cheap and simple to assemble. African children often build them in schoolyards or for their families.Structural components include native and recycled materials as straw bales or bricks. “We don’t use waste lumber because it rots down too easily,” said Rose Marie Nichols McGee, president and owner of Nichols Garden Nursery in Albany, Oregon. “Tractor tires are an uncertainty because they may contain toxins.”Some commercial kits offer a more tailored look for use on patios and decks.DeJong said his company is working on lighter, more compact sizes for keyhole gardens, and “aluminum and composites for a modern urban look.”Keyhole gardens have proven to be more productive for McGee than regular raised beds.“This is particularly true of tomatoes, peppers, beets and carrots,” she said. “Some of this is probably due to the hundreds of worms the keyhole garden promotes, and an abundance of worm castings is one of the best fertilizers and soil conditioners.”Online:From the British humanitarian group Send a Cow about how to build keyhole can contact Dean Fosdick at deanfosdick@netscape.netlast_img read more

first_imgTodd English has a new — and unlikely — love: the air fryer.“I was amazed at the quality of the way things came out,” English, a prolific and award-winning restaurateur and television chef, said in a recent interview. “And the versatility of it was something I also loved.”This image provided by St. Martin’s Castle Point shows the book entitled, “The Air Fryer Cookbook: Deep-Fried Flavor Made Easy, Without All the Fat!” (Courtesy St. Martin’s Castle Point via AP)Air fryers aren’t new, but the high-profile attention they have been getting is. Which is all a bit surprising, given their as-seen-on-TV appeal. Unlike classic deep-fry devices, air fryers don’t use kettles of oil to cook. Instead, they are essentially small, countertop versions of a convection oven. They use a fan that constantly pushes super hot air around the food. This means they cook faster, deeper and — with almost no oil — crunchier than traditional appliances.English has become so smitten with air fryers, he’s just released a cookbook dedicated to them, “The Air Fryer Cookbook.” The book features recipes for everything from stuffed portobello mushroom and spinach pizzas to sesame-ginger fried pork, as well as the more classic (and expected) french fries and chips.He argues that air fryers are a natural for home cooks, who generally love fried food but don’t know how to properly cook it using traditional oil methods. “Most people don’t know when to change the oil on a tabletop” deep fryer, nor do they know how to properly manage the temperature, he said.Air fryers, English explains, correct for all of that. Many of his recipes use only cooking spray or breadcrumbs, while others typically call for just a tablespoon of oil. He said an air fryer can cook a dish in about 10 to 15 minutes, compared to 25 to 30 minutes in a regular oven. “Simple, and the results are very close, if not an exact replica of fried food,” English said. But with far less fat.Guy Crosby, a professor in the department of nutrition at Harvard’s School of Public Health, agreed that air fryers can help cut back on the amount of fat used in cooking, but obviously are only as healthy as the foods that go in them.last_img read more

first_img FILE – In this 1930 file photo Prince Philip of Greece, now the Duke of Edinburgh, and husband of Queen Elizabeth II, poses in Greek costume, at an unknown location. Britain’s Prince Philip on Wednesday Aug. 2, 2017 retires from solo official duties. Over the decades he has become renowned for his stalwart support of his wife, Queen Elizabeth II. (AP Photo, File) FILE – In this Aug. 1951 file photo then Princess Elizabeth stands with her husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and their children Prince Charles and Princess Anne at the couple’s London residence at Clarence House. Britain’s Prince Philip on Wednesday Aug. 2, 2017 retires from solo official duties. Over the decades he has become renowned for his stalwart support of his wife, Queen Elizabeth II. (AP Photo, File) LONDON | For over 65 years, he has been the unwavering presence alongside Britain’s longest-serving monarch, the consummate consort and royal representative.On Wednesday Prince Philip will make his 22,219th — and final — solo public engagement. He will be meeting Royal Marines who have completed a 1,664-mile (2,678-kilometer) trek to raise money for charity.After that, the Duke of Edinburgh will still appear at Queen Elizabeth II’s side — from time to time — as the 91-year-old monarch soldiers on. In the meantime, the man known for his quips and gaffes has already been joking about his big retirement day. FILE – In this Oct. 17, 1957 file photo President Dwight Eisenhower and first lady Mamie are flanked by their royal guests, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, at the White House. Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip, will stop carrying out public engagements this fall, Buckingham Palace announced Thursday May 4, 2017. (AP Photo, File) FILE – In this Thursday, June, 16, 2011 file photo Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Philip arrive by horse drawn carriage in the parade ring on the third day, traditionally known as Ladies Day, of the Royal Ascot horse race meeting at Ascot, England. Britain’s Prince Philip on Wednesday Aug. 2, 2017 retires from solo official duties. Over the decades he has become renowned for his stalwart support of his wife, Queen Elizabeth II. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant, File) FILE – In this Wednesday, May 9, 2012 file photo Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II sits next to Prince Philip in the House of Lords as she waits to read the Queen’s Speech to lawmakers in London. Britain’s Prince Philip on Wednesday Aug. 2, 2017 retires from solo official duties. Over the decades he has become renowned for his stalwart support of his wife, Queen Elizabeth II. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant, File) “I’m discovering what it’s like to be on your last legs,” the 96-year-old Philip told celebrity chef Prue Leith at a recent palace event.Philip is patron, president or a member of over 780 organizations, with which he will continue to be associated — but he won’t play an active role by attending engagements. The queen supported the decision, which was greeted with an international press flurry when it was announced in May.The occasion marks a major landmark for the man born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark in Corfu on June 10, 1921, to Princess Alice of Battenberg and Prince Andrew of Greece. Amid the upheaval of the military coup that overthrew his uncle, King Constantine, in 1922, the family fled.King George V, the queen’s grandfather, sent a Royal Navy cruiser to evacuate Philip’s family and he was whisked to safety in a cot made from an orange box. Later, he rarely saw his parents and went to school in Germany and Britain.Philip has had a long association with the military and had once had promising military career. He joined the Royal Navy as a cadet in 1939 and served during World War II, winning mention in dispatches for service aboard the battleship HMS Valiant at Cape Matapan, on Greece’s Peloponnesian peninsula. He rose to the level of commander.Two years after the war ended, Philip married the future queen at Westminster Abbey when she was 21 and he was 26. He renounced his Greek title and King George VI made him the Duke of Edinburgh. His career came to an abrupt end with George’s death in 1952. At the queen’s coronation in 1953, Philip swore to be his wife’s “liege man of life and limb.” He settled into a life supporting Elizabeth in her role as queen and they had four children — Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward.And ever since, the milestones just kept falling.Philip has given 5,496 speeches, written 14 books and gone on 637 solo visits overseas.He’s championed environmental and conservation issues, and has interests in science, engineering and industry. An accomplished sportsman, he played polo regularly until 1971. He earned his RAF wings in 1953, his helicopter wings in 1956 and his private pilot’s license in 1959.All that activity has led to overall good health. But Philip has been admitted to the hospital on a number of occasions in the last few years for abdominal surgery, bladder infections and a blocked coronary artery.Many of his health issues are related to sports. He has arthritis in his right wrist and broke a bone in his ankle from playing polo. He developed a rheumatic condition of the tendon in the hand after a taking a fall in polo.He takes the stairs rather than elevators and can still fit into the uniform he wore for his wedding. He was only seen wearing hearing aids for the first time at a palace reception in 2014 at the age of 93.The palace says his health wasn’t behind the retirement decision.Philip, who enjoys a slightly wicked turn of phrase, has poked fun at himself and his advancing years. In a letter to The Oldie magazine in 2011, he said he appreciated being named “Consort of the Year.”“There is nothing like it for morale to be reminded that the years are passing — ever more quickly — and that bits are beginning to drop off the ancient frame,” he wrote. “But it is nice to be remembered at all.” FILE – This is a June. 2, 1953 file photo of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, as they wave to supporters from the balcony at Buckingham Palace, following her coronation at Westminster Abbey. London. At the age of 96, Britain’s Prince Philip on Wednesday Aug. 2, 2017 retires from solo official duties. Over the decades he has become renowned for his stalwart support of his wife, Queen Elizabeth II. (AP Photo/Leslie Priest, File) FILE – In this June 20, 1959 file photo Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are pictured in Schefferville, as they listen to explanation on workings of an iron ore mine on another stop in their royal tour of Canada. Britain’s Prince Philip on Wednesday Aug. 2, 2017 retires from solo official duties. Over the decades he has become renowned for his stalwart support of his wife, Queen Elizabeth II. (AP Photo, File)last_img read more

first_imgIPGC Golf from The Tara Court Golf GroupSunday, march 29, Green Valley – StablefordIt was a very hot day for golf at Green Valley and this year seems to be even hotter than usual, even for this time of year.Today Nick Caulfield was playing his last game with us before going back to Wales and he finished his holiday in style by winning the day with thirty seven points.  Well done Nick and we look forward to seeing you back before the end of the year.Shaun Merriman. In second place was Norman Cheetham with an even handicap round of thirty six points and Alec Hoare took third with thirty five after beating Walter Panichi on a count back.Declan Kelly and John Deardon shared the ‘2’s with one each.1st Nick Caulfield (7) 37pts\2nd Norman Cheetham (15) 36pts3rd Alec Hoare (17) 35pts4th Walter Panachi (1) 35ptsThursday, April 2, Mt. Shadow – StablefordIt was an even hotter day today at Mountain Shadow where we got off to an earlier than usual start because they had a big competition on later in the day.  Because of the early start we had a clear round and so got around quickly.I am not sure if it was the heat that got to our golfers or the fact that this a tricky course off the blue tees but none of our group managed to play to their handicap.  Shaun Merriman was the winner with thirty four points and he beat John Fenwick into second on a count back.  Declan Kelly came third with thirty three points, also with the help of a count back over John Kelly in fourth.We had no ‘2’s today.1st Shaun Merriman (10) 34pts2nd John Fenwick (22) 34pts3rd Declan Kelly (12) 33pts4th John Kelly (27) 33ptsNote: The Tara Court Golf Group play every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, leaving O’Gara’s Bar and Restaurant in the Tara Court on Pratamnak  Rd. around 10.00 a.m.  Sign up either in O’Gara’s or ring Joe on 089 249 1364.last_img read more

first_imgFrom last week: Golf Australia, through its computerised handicapping service Golf Link, calculates the handicaps of all Australian club golfers – on a daily basis. Handicap records of club golfers can be viewed on the Golf Link public website – – provided the member’s unique number is entered. What is displayed is a copy of the last 20 rounds, with the date, location and event showing in the first column. Moving across the page are nine further columns with the following headings; Handicap Score, DSR, Scratch Rating, Slope Rating, Par, Daily Handicap, Adjusted Gross, Played To, and lastly New GA Handicap.GOLF Link’s opening page – the key to GA’s handicap programme.The two to highlight are Daily Handicap and New GA Handicap. The Daily Handicap is the handicap the player uses on the course he is playing that particular day. It will be dependent upon the Slope Rating. The GA Handicap is the player’s base index handicap. It is the handicap he or she takes with them wherever they go. They submit it to reception at whatever course they are playing and the system will calculate what their daily handicap will be, after assessing the Slope Rating from the tees chosen.Aussie golfers in Pattaya That is fine for Australian golfers travelling around Australia, but what happens when they wish to play in Pattaya?Earlier this year the Pattaya Golf Society was host to six Aussies from the same WA golf club. Their home course had a Slope Rating of around 130 (a course of average difficulty has a Slope Rating of 113). Initially they all gave their handicaps as their Daily Handicap. It wasn’t until later it was realised that they were receiving anything between two and four shots advantage against the field.Most courses we play here in Pattaya have been subject to rating in approximate accordance with guidelines set by the USGA Handicap System. They are not, however, accurate, nor are they subject to annual review by impartial rating assessors – a USGA Handicapping System requirement. Nor do their daily ratings change to reflect different tee positions. Often times the positions of tees will be moved significantly forward, as green-keepers seek relief for commonly used teeing areas.These factors and others all effect a course’s rating on a given day. Rarely will a Pattaya course be tougher than its rating. Oftentimes, perhaps most times, courses will play easier than their rating. Imagine then the effect of Aussie visitors using their Daily Handicap on Pattaya courses rated nowhere near their home course in terms of difficulty?It is the GA Handicap that must be submitted. The other handicap has no place in Pattaya.It is vital that Pattaya golf organisers realise this. When accepting entries from Aussies, insist they give a printout of their handicap history as provided by Golf Link, which will show the GA Handicap. If not, simply have them open up their personal page on the Golf Link website, and see the GA Handicap for yourself.Be aware some Aussie golfers wouldn’t have a clue what the difference is. Many play all their golf at the one course, and their handicap rarely moves.“GA Handicap? Never heard of it, mate. I always play on 20 at my club, why should I play on anything different?”Because, dear Aussie visitor, since January 2014 Golf Australia recognises your handicap as the GA Handicap, and not the Daily Handicap you are used to.When this was put to the six Aussies in question, five of them had no problem whatsoever, and accepted their loss of strokes. The sixth, however, insisted he be allowed to play off the increased handicap (20 as opposed to 16), as that is the handicap he has always played to, here or at home. He certainly made his displeasure known.That he showed so little understanding of the GA Handicapping System, which is explained fully on their website, is a shame. What made his ignorance inexcusable was the fact that he was/is his home course’s club captain. If the club captain of a reasonably sized golf club in WA didn’t understand what his true handicap was then how many other Australian golfers suffer under the same delusion?Finally, when a regular golf visitor from Australia arrives here with a GA Handicap, and proceeds to play sufficiently well that it is reduced during his stay, there should not be a problem. And when that same golfer returns to Pattaya some six months later, with a GA Handicap greater than the IPGC/PSC handicap he had previously, there should be no hesitation in accepting that new GA Handicap, providing he has been playing regularly.By the end of 2015, Golf Australia believes Australian handicaps will more accurately reflect the standard of equity they enjoyed back in 2009 – prior to their experiment with the USGA Handicapping System.Pattaya benefits hugely from its Aussie visitors, and hopefully will continue to do so. But those same visitors may find podium places a little harder to achieve than has been the case in recent times, for which they can thank Golf Australia – as we all should!Golfnutterlast_img read more

first_imgNormally we are privileged to have Walter (Rainbow) Baechli’s colourful attire add some sparkle to the day but on this occasion his garb was overshadowed by the dazzling form of ‘golden oldie’ Barry Oats.  I think he must have had his oats for breakfast as he stormed to the front with a 4 for 4 on the first hole and a birdie for 4pts on the par-5 fifth. PSC Golf from The Ferdinand Golf BarMonday, August 10, Bangpra – StablefordAnother week started off with a visit to Bangpra, and with the motorway open after months of diversions we were there ahead of schedule and off the first tee 15min before our allotted time slot.  With just a 2 and a 3-ball in front and with good weather we anticipated a quick round. Barry Oats rolls back the years.‘The Donkey’ was keeping Barry in his sights until the sixth hole when he got stuck in a bunker, after which he tried to join his cousins on Blackpool beach by hitting every other bunker on the course.  He was last seen selling ice creams.Barry meanwhile completed the front nine with 22pts and started the back nine in a similar fashion.  He had a slight wobble at the end due to the pressure but still finished with an impressive 40pts.There was a fierce battle for second spot between Ian (San Miguel) Pickles and Walter (Rainbow) Baechli, with San Miguel just pipping the Rainbow on the last.1st Barry Oats (21) 40pts2nd Ian Pickles (15) 32pts3rd Walter Baechli (15) 31ptsTuesday, August 11, Treasure Hill – StablefordWe had a late change of venue today to take advantage of the special rate at Treasure Hill.  We had not played this course for a long-long time, mainly due to the length of travel and no special discounts, so we all looked forward to a day on this beautiful but very tough layout.As expected, the course was in excellent condition and after a few holes we realized that it had not gotten any easier.  You really have to thread your way around here, avoiding the many trees in the middle of the fairways.Alistar Gall.The best score on the front nine was only 16pts, so we knew no records were going to be broken.  Ian Pickles had to retire after nine holes (hurt back) but he timed it just right as a couple of holes later the heavens opened up.  It was then a dash to the nearest shelter and a 1 hour delay.After the rain stopped we carried on and the scores surprisingly improved slightly.  We finished up with The Donkey narrowly winning on 30pts, followed by Alistar Gall & Tip Briney in that order after Alistar edged the count back.1st Colin Davis (17) 30pts2nd Alistar Gall (19) 29pts3rd Tip Briney (25) 29ptsThursday, August 13, St. Andrews – StablefordWe arrived at St. Andrews under grey skies and after getting out on the course everything seemed to be alright until the 2nd hole when the heavens opened up.  Stuck between shelters we had no option but to huddle down in the carts with the brollies up until it all passed.  20 min or so later the rain stopped and we carried on.The course was in beautiful condition apart from the greens which have not yet fully recovered from recent punching.Nick Shaw started badly with 2 blobs but then steadied the ship to finish the front nine with 18pts and eventually took second place on 36.  But the real power man was Alistar (The Untouchable) Gall – 13pts from the first 4 holes including a fantastic eagle on the par-6 with 3 great shots and an easy putt.  He was still suffering from shock for the next 2 holes with a double and a blob but followed that with 3 pars for 23pts on the front.  As always, however, it‘s a game of two halves and Alistar faltered a bit on the back nine for a only 16pts.Alistar was partnered by Freddy (The Quite One) Starbeck who was his normal noisy self after spending most of the week at the range (he needs to spend next week on the putting greens).In the battle for third place between John Pierrel & Colin ‘The Donkey’ Davis, the latter had to pull out all the stops to take the back nine and book a visit to the pay-window.1st Alistar Gall (19) 39pts2nd Nick Shaw (18) 36pts3rd Colin Davis (17) 32ptsFriday, August 14, Eastern Star – StablefordFriday we welcomed 3 new golfers to Ferdinand Golf Society; Denis Steele, Peter Dane & Keith Buchanan.The course at Eastern Star was in very good condition with the greens faster than usual and some of the pin positions were tricky to say the least.  A lot of the players seemed to be over-golfed, especially this scribe, but the newcomers played well.  Out of a total of 12 golfers not one had a blob free round and only 3 had just one zero-pointer.Colin Davis holes out for birdie.Most of the players seemed to have their problems on the front nine, apart from Nick Shaw who was playing to his handicap but as the amber liquid went down so did his scoring.  The back nine was a big improvement for some of the golfers, with Denis Steele having probably the best back nine of his life with 2 bogies, 6 pars & a birdie for 24pts.There was a count back to split second and third, both with 20pts on the back nine, but Peter Dane came out on top with 8pts on the last 3 holes compared with Mick Coghlans 6.There were no ‘2’s so a rollover to next week.1st Dennis Steele (14) 38pts2nd Peter Dane (25) 36pts3rd Mick Coghlan (21) 36ptsNote:  The Ferdinand Golf Bar is situated on Soi Buakhao 150m from Pattaya Tai (south) road.  Anyone wishing to play with us just pop in and put your name on the list or call Colin on 089 826 0764.  Transport is provided.last_img read more

first_img3rd Owen Lloyd (0) 34ptsB Flight1st Bruce McAdam (26) 40pts2nd James Little (20) 34pts3rd John Langley (22) 34ptsA beautiful day for golf with a slight breeze and mild temperatures reminded us one again that this is a great time of the year and a place that can and should be enjoyed!Mike Missler.Playing in two divisions today, it was a surprise that there weren’t many good scores, and no ‘2’s.  It could be attributed to the greens being lightning fast and some difficult pin placements, even by Burapha standards.I accompanied Nicholas Jenkins, a young aspiring pro golfer (+2 hcp) and we played from the Black tees.  Not nearly as accurate as I was year’s ago, I was pleased to still be beating the young lad by a few yards on the front nine drives, scoring birdies on the par 5’s before my dreaded snap hooked returned on the back nine.  The slope rating plus the black tee index gave me a few shots boost on playing handicap, which helped me to stay ahead of the pack to finish first in the A division with 37 points.Second was KB Lee, beating Owen Llyod on count back with each scoring 34 points.In the B division, Bruce Mcadam had a great round to finish on 40 points, with a string of players far behind on 34, with Jimmy Little finishing second and John Langley third.Friday, Feb. 26, Green Valley – Medal1st Mike Missler (12) net 642nd Geoff Stimpson (6) net 683rd Yasumasa Arakawa (9) net 68T4th Robert Finley (19) net 69T4th Andrew Makara (27) net 69T6th John Lawton (22) net 70T6th Bob Lindborg (26) net 70We had another good turnout for our medal event with almost 40 players.  A bit of rain the day before had us playing winter rules with “lift, clean and place” on the fairways.  The greens were running fast and really good, so no issues with the course maintenance today.The good condition of Green Valley at the moment does make for more enjoyable golf and as a result much better scores were returned than usual, and 8 players shot better than handicap net scores today.  That is quite an achievement in a medal round!Because of the large field, our prize winners stretched a bit longer today and in joint sixth place were John Lawton and Bob Lindborg, each on net 70.  In joint fourth place came Bob Finley and Andy Makara, each on net 69 while in third place was Yasu Arakawa with an awesome 68 from his 9 handicap.Taking second place was Geoff Stimpson, who continues to play well throughout the high season, with a great 68 from his 6 handicap and shooting just 2 over gross par.Mike Missler, following his recovery from injury, will no doubt see his handicap continue to come down and he shot an excellent 64 net (gross 76) to be the clear winner for this month’s event.Young Nicholas Jenkins (playing off +2) is finally getting some form and finished as this month’s low gross winner – 73 of the stick.Bob Mattes, KB Lee, Kim Danboise, George Hensher, Andy Makara and Sugar Ray Handford all recorded a 2 in their round. PSC Golf from The Outback Golf BarMonday, Feb. 22, Burapha – StablefordA Flight1st Andre Coetzee (14) 37pts2nd KB Lee (9) 34ptslast_img read more

first_imgEbrahim was on target with the par 3’s (Near Pins) while Paco was putting with form (Long First Putt).Roy Dayton with Deefor the charity dog.1st Roy Dayton (21) 36pts2nd Keith Buchanan (17) 34pts3rd George Wilson (21) 31pts4th John Anderson (28) 31pts5th Pierre Cere (12) 31ptsNear Pins: #2 & #17 Ebrahim, #6 Roy Dayton, #13 Frank Riley.Long Putts: #9 Frank Waterhouse, #18 Frank Waterhouse.Thursday, Dec. 17, Eastern Star – StablefordThirty two golfers showed up enthusiastically again today, eager with anticipation on checking out Eastern Star after a lengthy absence for many of today’s group.We teed off the white tees after some debate as to whether we should use the closer yellow markers, however when it was pointed out that on the first tee the yellow markers were 4 yards behind the red markers, it was decided!The presentation of the course was very good although the placement of the pins on the greens were in locations never before seen and made life very difficult for everyone.  Despite this setback, the sun was shining and a lovely steady breeze kept conditions ideal for an enjoyable round.John Anderson again had a torrid time with the cards to work out who would be in the prize pool today, but eventually Peter Grey (our host) called for some quiet as he began presentations and announced there were three grades today with A grade 0-18, B grade 19–26 and C grade 27–36.  He then proceeded calling the C grade podium placers, with Kae Dayton off her 19 handicap winning third spot on a count back with 38 points… Someone quickly called out “How can a 19 handicapper win a position in “C” grade?”John and Peter exchanged quizzical glances and then met for a quick huddle and rectified the error with apologies all around and to Kae’s eventual joy, as she was later announced as the B grade overall winner with her score.A grade winner was the ever popular Ebrahim with 35 points off his 16 handicap, and John Anderson had an exceptional round collecting 41 points off his 28 handicap to win the C Flight.(L to R) John Anderson, Kae Dayton & Ebrahim Al-Ansari.At the completion of presentations, Peter offered everyone to partake in the complimentary hot food he provides, which golfers and non golfers alike took great delight in consuming.  Thanks Peter!A Flight (0–18) 1st Ebrahim (16) 35pts2nd Piere Cere (12) 33pts3rd Bill Steinmen (11) 32ptsB Flight (19–26)1st Kae Dayton (19) 38pts2nd Fritz Webber (24) 34pts3rd John Upex (22) 31ptsC Flight (27–36)1st John Anderson (28) 41pts2nd Shane Young (21) 38pts3rd JC Lhoste (29) 37ptsNear Pins: 3rd – Sal Brizzi, 6th – Volker Buley, 13th – John Anderson, 17th – Mark StapletonLong Putts: 9th – Geri Crilly, 18th Roy Dayton.Russell Calcutts again took pleasure taking Deefa “The Charity toy dog” around the throng for some spare change to boost his collections for Charity via the PSC.  The Growling Swan will soon be announcing yet another beneficiary of these generously given funds by the Growling Swans players and patrons alike.Note: The GS is a “friendly” golf outlet and caters for and encourages all golfers, young and old, male or female to have a hit on any of our weekly outings.  We generally play Mondays and Thursdays at one of the many fine golf courses in and around Pattaya. Please contact Peter Grey if you are interested in playing on 0861 503086The Growling Swan also caters to the bowls enthusiasts.  Bus transport departs the GS on Sundays at the same time for open grass bowling at The Retreat Bowls Club.  Please contact Paul Rennison on 0843 454005 if you wish to partake.  The cost including return bus transport, bowling fees and a hot lunch is about 350 baht, so great value for a day out! PSC Golf from The Growling SwanMonday, Dec. 14, Treasure Hill – StablefordTwenty golfers set out from The Swan on Monday, the weather looked good and excitement was in the air.Playing off the white tees at Treasure Hill, the day seemed a little tough from looking at the scores; this scribe did not play so not much can be reported from the golf.  Roy Dayton hit form and for the first time this visit and took home the goods, closely followed by Kissy Buchanan.  We then saw a count back separate George Wilson, our resident scorer John Anderson and Pierre Cere, finishing in that order.last_img read more

first_imgThere were two ‘2’s, from John Cunningham (A6) and Dennis Pelly (B8)Outback opinion: Weather – very hot & humid; Check-in – friendly; Tee time – early; Fairways – hard; Rough – medium; Greens – fast & true; Bunkers – good; Value for money – good; Pace of play – four hours; Drink stations open – all open; Restaurant – not visited.Div A (0-15)1st Pat Regan (13) 39pts2nd Geoff Braithwaite (10) 36pts3rd Andre Coetzee (07) 36ptsDiv B (16+)1st Tommy Jensen (18) 40pts2nd John Langley (22) 39pts3rd Tim Knight (28) 38ptsTuesday, April 21, Laem Chabang – StablefordLaem Chabang remains on our low season schedule on a Tuesday whenever possible as one of the premier and internationally renowned courses in the area.  Today, having climbed up to about 20 players earlier, we dropped back to a slightly disappointing group of 13.  The previous week we couldn’t get enough tee times and we were over-booked, this week we got extra tee times and players cancelled.  Although we know this is quiet time of the year for golf, Laem Chabang does remain popular, so please try to confirm your intention to play as soon as possible.Once again we had one group playing from the blue tees and Andre, who was second with 34pts, just missed out on c/b to Mike Missler, who played from the whites.  Sugar Ray took third with 32pts, also beating Mathias Hermann on count back.There was only one ‘2’ from Geoff Braithwaite (A7)1st Mike Missler (04) 34pts2nd Andre Coetzee (07) 34pts3rd Sugar Ray Handford (15) 32pts4th Mathias Hermann (11) 32ptsWednesday, April 22, Khao Kheow – StablefordWe only had nine players today at Khao Kheow, playing on loops C & A (the B nine will be open again on the 1st of May and one of the other nines will be closed for four weeks while they do some weeding and sanding of the fairways).We had the C course to ourselves after a two-ball who whizzed round but then we were held up on the A course after three holes, nevertheless we still went round in well under 4 hours.UnfortunatelySuzi Lawton, the Queen of Khao Kheow, never rose to the occasion and JP Maffrey took the win today with a stunning 38 points playing off the yellows, so well done JP.  Phil Michell came in second on 35.Just one ‘2’ today on A5 from Peter Nixon.Outback opinion: Weather – very humid, slight cloud cover & a few spots of rain; Check-in – good; Tee time – on time; Fairways – drying out but good; Rough – medium; Greens – 9 on the stimp; Bunkers – need raking (dog prints); Value for money – good; Pace of play – 3½ hours; Drink stations open – all open; Restaurant – good as always.1st Jean P Maffray (14) 38pts2nd Phil Mitchell (06) 35ptsThursday, April 23, Phoenix – StablefordSteve Murray, who doesn’t play that much golf, turned up today and easily won the weekly “Winner takes all” comp at Phoenix with 35 points.Sadly, the course isn’t all that clever at the moment and they really have to take a long look at their cart prices at 700 baht; they are currently the most expensive course in the area if you look past the ‘A’ grade courses.There were three ‘2’s, all on O7, from Rob Barnes, John Langley & Terry O’Connor.1st Steve Murray (08) 35pts2nd Robert Barnes (10) 31pts3rd John Langley (19) 31ptsFriday, April 24, Silky Oak – StablefordGreen Valley had another competition on today so we opted to play Silky Oak instead of the other alternate, which would have been St Andrews, although when we arrived there was much confusion as we were booked on both!24 Outbackers participated in today’s game and found this quirky little course generally in good condition, but the greens were slow to putt on and no matter where you were on the greens it always seemed that you were putting against the grain and had to be very aggressive to get the ball anywhere near the hole.The clouds zoomed in on us, threatening a massive downpour but instead we had a couple of close, and I mean close, lightning strikes, followed by immediate claps of thunder, but there’s nowhere to run to here, only one drinks station and no shelter huts.  Fortunately we only had a couple of holes left to play, so we carried on.Good bye to Mr Stimpson who returns to good old Blighty for a few months and will miss his favorite band on Jack’s Birthday on 4th May but at least he will get some relief from Peter Nixon who has regularly been taking his money.  Geoff would have had had some satisfaction today, winning the top division comfortably with 42 points, from Bob Finley on 39.  Waldo won Div B easily by seven from John Leonard (32), who beat Sugar Ray on count back.There were three ‘2’s, from Kim Danboise & Bruce McAdam (5th) and Geoff Stimpson (14th).Outback opinion: Weather – hot & humid; Check-in – good; Tee time – on time; Fairways – good; Rough – light; Greens – slow; Bunkers – medium; Value for money – good; Pace of play – 3½ up to 4hrs 20mins at the back; Drink stations open – (disappointing that there’s only one on the course); Restaurant – not visited.1st Geoff Stimpson (08) 42pts2nd Bob Finley (14) 39pts3rd Peter LeNoury (11) 38pts4th Robert Barnes (11) 37pts1st Stephen Blazsanyik (17) 39pts2nd John Leonard (19) 32pts3rd Sugar Ray Handford (17) 32pts4th Bob Mattes (18) 31ptsNote:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  Call Jack on 081 578 1956. PSC Golf from The Outback Golf BarMonday, April 20, Burapha – StablefordSix groups played A and B in very hot weather.  The course was in top condition although the rough has grown recently and therefore has got tougher.In Div B the scores were pretty hot, with Tommy Jenson (40pts) winning from playing partner, John Langley (39) and Tim Knight 38.  Pat Regan won the top division with 39 points ahead of Geoff Braithwaite, who beat Andre Coetzee on c/b, both with 36.Mike Missler, JP Maffray & Geoff Stimpson.last_img read more